Remote Patient Monitoring Simplified.

Medsien partners with you to rapidly implement a successful Remote Patient Monitoring program in your organization which allows you to monitor patients’ vitals to understand trends and generate a monthly recurring revenue stream.


The most comprehensive RPM solution that is designed to maximize patient engagement.

Medsien provides a comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring platform that removes barriers and simplifies implementation, adaption and support of the program; to ensure long-term success for your practice and significant improvements to patients health.

Cellular-Connected Devices

Integrated Software Platform

Scalable Staffing

New revenue stream

RPM adds a new revenue stream to your practice and allows you to get reimbursed for monitoring patient's vitals more closely

Improve patient satisfaction

Starting the PRM program can improve patient satisfaction as it adds regular check ins with patients, improves their outcomes and keeps them more engaged with your practice

Integrated provider dashboard

Medsien's All in one dashboard allows providers to easily review and interpret patient data and take actions if necessary

Automated billing, tracking and reporting

At the end of every month, Medsien automatically creates and drops claims with appropriate codes through your own EHR

Intelligent reminders

Identifying high risk patterns from data with proper actions, either by a notification to patient or contact by their care manager.

Daily adherence to ensure patient engagement

Patients will receive alerts on their phone if they are not using the device periodically or the readings indicate out of range or high risk patterns.

Cellular-connected devices

All devices are cellular connected, that means patients don't need to connect them. Medsien currently support Blood Pressure Cuffs and Glucometers

No cost to patients

Medsien covers the cost of all devices so patients will receive a brand new, connected device from their doctor's office at no cost

On going delivery of supplies

Medsien delivers a new set of test strips and other supplies needed for patients to measure their vitals every other month on an automated schedule so patients don't have to request them

Ready to use

All devices are pre-set and ready to use out of the box. Patients will not need to setup or connect devices in any way, they can just start using them like any regular device

24/7 support

Medsien covers all the shipping and handling of devices to patients in addition to 24/7 support for training or replacement of devices

Mobile Applications

Allows patients to understand their patterns, view their medication plans and instructions, and receive reminders, and other important info from their healthcare provider.

Getting started could not be easier.

Medsien will manage the entire set up process for you at no upfront cost 


Medsien intelligently identifies your patients' eligibility based on their chronic conditions and insurance coverage to maximize your practice coverage


Medsien will help you introduce the new program to your patients via outreach campaigns and pamphlets


Medsien's Enrollment Specialists contact your patients on your behalf and walk them through the enrollment process effortlessly


Patient receive their connected devices and supplies needed. They can start using their new devices right away

Discover the most advanced technology platform on the market.

Putting it into perspective.

We have perfected the most challenging aspects of RPM to ensure a successful implementation for your practice 


Guaranteed profitability

Additional annual revenue when partnered with Medsien (for 500 enrolled patients)

Schedule a conversation with us for a complimentary calculation of your RPM eligible patients.


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