Additional revenue while improving patient satisfaction

Minimal work. Huge impact. No upfront investment.
New revenue stream

CCM adds a new revenue stream to your practice and allows you to get reimbursed for the work that your providers or staff already do for patients

Improve patient satisfaction

Starting the CCM program can improve patient satisfaction as it adds regular check ins with patients, improves their outcomes and keeps them more engaged with your practice

Reduce administrative burden

Having a team of care coordinators who regularly check in with your patients, means a lot less work for your providers and staff on typical tasks like refills 

Cutting edge technology meets excellent care

Medsien’s turnkey solution can enable rapid implementation of profitable CCM solutions for your practice and meaningful care and support for your patients with chronic conditions


Certified Medical Assistants

Compliance and audit trails

Built-in timer in your EHR

Automated tracking

Automated billing

Automated reporting

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