Intelligent Chronic Care Management

Medsien empowers providers with data science to deliver personalized care


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Make decisions at a glance

Access patient's most relevant information and health risks in one simple dashboard.

Medsien aggregates and curates patient's data based on their conditions and trends to help providers get the full picture, fast.

Follow Patients' progress

Proactively monitor and visualize the patient's most relevant metrics, based on their conditions, and get notified about significant changes in real time.

with medical assistants to deliver CCM

Medsien empowers medical assistants to administer CCM under providers' supervision.


tasks to your medical assistants effectively


your assistants through Medsien's intelligent dashboard


Medsien notifies you when patients need your attention

Ready to start your Chronic Care Management program?

Run your Chronic Care Management program intelligently

Medsien empowers providers and assistants to take advantage of Medicare's CCM program by using artificial intelligence to monitor patients and keep everyone informed.

Patient Dashboard

Personalized patient dashboard that brings together most recent and relevant patient information

Smart Interventions

Medsien notifies providers when patient metrics change and helps providers to act on time

Comprehensive Care Plan

Intelligent care plan builder that helps providers and staff to form and track measurable treatment goals

Time Tracking

All activities on Medsien's dashboard is automatically measured and tagged for simple billing and reporting

HIPAA Compliant

Medsien follows standards for sensitive patient data and security measures to ensure compliance with HIPAA

Access Anywhere

Monitor patients and communicate with the care team from anywhere: Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

Maximize Medicare reimbursements

High operating cost of care delivery in the current clinical environment is a major barrier to CCM adoption

Data pulled from multiple sources

Fits within your current workflow

No matter where you are, Medsien stays in sync with your EHR. Patient data is pulled from multiple EHR’s.