April 5, 2022

How Medsien ensures long-term success of CCM and RPM programs

Medsien’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs are successful because of the company’s integrity, reliability and quality related to patient care, practice support and superior software and technology.

How Medsien ensures long-term success of CCM and RPM programs

Medsien’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs are successful because of the company’s integrity, reliability and quality related to patient care, practice support and superior software and technology. Using our unique staffing and highly sophisticated technology model, Medsien has created unrivaled platforms that focus on patient care, supporting practices and using our software and technology expertise to create programs that far outweigh the competition. The unique approach and sophistication behind our platforms makes Medsien products and Medsien customers successful. Medsien’s long-term success is the long-term success of our RPM and CCM programs. In each area of our expertise, our successes are because of BOTH the emphasis on quality, health and relationships (the personal) and highly sophisticated technology (the technical).

Key to the success of Medsien’s programs:

  • Personalized Care (personal)
  • Dedicated Customer Support Team (personal)
  • Compliance (personal and technical)
  • Reliable Systems (technical)
  • East to Start – Turnkey Products (technical and personal)
  • Continuous Value Delivery (technical and personal)
  • Transparency and Communication (technical and personal)

Personalized Care

Improving outcomes with a personal approach

We provide highly personalized care for each patient.  Patients have the same care partner – a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) – that calls and stays in touch with the patient each month.  The patients and care partners know each other well, building strong relationships and trust. Care partners know their patient’s health and health history well, so they can provide comprehensive, continuous support to their patients. Patients and practices each see the Medsien care team as an extension of the practice. Strong relationships between patients and the care team build engagement, which improves patient health outcomes. Personalized care is a key component of Medsien programs’ long-term success.  

Dedicated Customer Support Team

Using the best technology to help support our customers

At Medsien, we really know our customers, and create dedicated customer support teams specifically for each customer/client. On the clinical side, we help staff-up practices with care partners (medical assistants) who are assigned to specific practices and patients – developing long-term relationships with patients and physicians alike. We also have dedicated teams for all of our customers to help run their business – account managers who know and work closely with each specific practice and have a deep knowledge of each practice’s guidelines and protocols. This ensures all communication is helpful, accurate and customized to the specific practice. We work to ensure that our account managers are on top of everything you need, and help keep your practices up to date on general and specific patient care issues, latest regulations and any policy changes – and we do everything we can to help ensure your team is able to answer questions and properly and efficiently triage any problems that arise.  We work to ensure that new programs will not interrupt or create changes in workflow for your providers and staff, and that our solutions are seamless. We follow up with quarterly reports and check-ins, regular one-on-one meetings and make sure our clients receive lots of support to help your programs be very successful. Strong relationships, good information and trust build long-term success for our customers and our programs.  


Providing accuracy and security for our clients

We work hard to stay up to date on all the regulations and policy changes in the health care space. The Medsien team works closely with our regulatory partners to ensure we’re up to date on all the guidelines and regulatory changes occurring throughout the year. We are on top of all Medicare guidelines, provide regular/annual training on HIPAA, quality assurance measures and any other regulatory changes. Working with our team and our regulatory partners, we are continuously monitoring changes throughout the year and closely monitor the quality assurance (QA) of our care partners.  We incorporate all updates into our programs and protocols, ensuring that our systems are always 100% up to date policy and otherwise. We’ve also designed automated tracking and reporting systems as part of our software, so you can easily generate any reports or provide any compliance documentation that may be required – quickly and easily.  

Medsien research, training, reporting and tracking ensure that our customers are always up to date and easily able to provide accurate data and compliance reports. Providing this extra step – providing security for our clients – ensures that our systems are accurate, our products reflect timely information and that our customers are always compliant and can provide easy, seamless documentation when needed. Our timely compliance and the support and assurance we provide for our customers’ compliance is another part of our strategy for long term success.

Reliable systems

Our technology is a foundation of our long-term success

Integrity, reliability and quality of our product platforms, systems and devices are key to the long-term success of our programs. The quality of our technology – in all regards: platform, back-end systems, remote devices, apps and other communication technologies – all ensure product reliability and client and patient satisfaction.  High quality systems yield good outcomes at scale, clinical and technical success, customer and patient satisfaction, and increased revenue  — all of which contribute to the long-term success of our programs.

Medsien’s top tier software engineers help create extremely sophisticated, complex, and extremely reliable and successful software platforms and products.

Reliable Systems/ Technology Capabilities

Reliable Communication / Support Technologies (text systems, phone, apps)

Reliable Devices / Remote Patient Monitoring)

Our systems are scalable – we provide highly specialized, high functioning backend and software platforms. Medsien invests in the quality and integrity of our products upfront.  We’re not about a way to do it or the quick dollar; We are about the effectiveness, efficiency, the best way to do it, and about the quality of our programs, platforms, relationships, effectiveness and quality of care provided. The high quality and reliability of our technology – platform, backend systems, communication channels and devices – consistently meet and exceed the expectations of both providers and patients. This leads to improved engagement and outcomes, increased reliability, and customer and patient satisfaction – all of which support the long-term success of Medsien programs.

We provide multiple channels/modalities for reliable connectivity with patients that increase the personal connection and reliability of communication, and therefore quality care. The unique and personalized Medsien MA/patient relationship – central to our programs – is essential for reliability of care and support.  The supporting tools and  technologies for our programs that we’ve developed – including text messaging systems, phone connectivity, apps, calendars, and more – all increase the ease and reliability of our systems and products for patients and providers. These important tools facilitate great, reliable communication with patients, which in turn facilitate increased clinical success and outcomes, efficiency and reliability, strong relationships and engagement, patient and provider satisfaction – and long-term success of our programs.

Our RPM devices are very reliable – in terms of the actual device and technology that supports it. We provide very reliable, high quality devices to our patients, which ensures patients and providers have no down time or unreliable platforms.  Many companies – if they even provide the device (which many do not) – are focused on the cheapest way to provide hardware and monitor care. Their devices are often inferior and unreliable – many are low quality – often either breaking or not tracking data properly, or in a timely way. Our products work. They gather accurate clinical data and report it efficiently.  Timely reporting ensures up to the moment monitoring of patient vitals and health. Long-term reliable devices not only convey product effectiveness, and efficiency of care, but also ensure better outcomes and care.

Easy Start Up

Our unique, turnkey programs – A core foundation of Medsien’s long-term success

Medsien is known for their unique turnkey ready programs – a key differentiator in the realm of all the remote and chronic care patient solutions on the market. For us, it’s standard – ensuring ready-to-go, comprehensive, easy to implement and run programs and products – is our bread and butter. We consider it to be key to a successful adoption and implementation, and it’s at the core foundation of the long-term success of our programs for all of our clients and their patients. Our programs and devices are ready to go and easy to implement for practices and patients alike. Personalized turnkey programs are ready for your specific practice in less than a week and personal remote monitoring devices arrive personalized, pre-set and ready to use for patients for all remote monitoring.  

Our programs  – RPM, RTM, CCM and many more – offer a turnkey, ready to go program for many medical practices and health systems for whom development, implementation, integration and staffing would be prohibitive – in terms of time, capability and cost. Instead, when you want to add one (or several or all) of our programs into your practice – you will reap the benefits of increased efficiency, improved outcomes, increased patient engagement and satisfaction, and  increased revenue – immediately, and at no cost.  

Unique to Medsien is our quick, efficient, highly successful start up for all of our products and programs. We give our clients a solid foundation from the outset – one that provides all the benefits of various remote and chronic care patient programs – and that is easy to build on as you grow.  Long-term success starts at the beginning – when you have a good, sturdy and reliable foundation- it sets you/the client up for success – immediately and in the long run.  

Continuous value delivery

The quality of our systems is key to our success

We have a great track record with our customers, and we consistently deliver on our promises:

  • to deliver  high quality, efficient and effective care and support to patients;
  • to improving health outcomes, without taxing the already overworked practice team;
  • to make remote patient care and chronic care programs a financially and operationally feasible opportunity for each customer; and
  • to introduce programs and systems that not only improve things on the clinical side, but simplify and improve systems on the operational and financial side as well.
  • For example, we can create clean, accurate and efficient billing and notification systems for our customers as well as the successful, supportive, efficient clinical programs.

This is a huge benefit for our customers. Billing systems are notoriously challenging for practices and health systems. It’s quite rare to have a clean, accurate and efficient billing process, even with a lot of investment – which isn’t required for ours. Our highly sophisticated backend systems and technical expertise, allow us to simply and easily create hugely valuable backend support for our customers.  This is a huge improvement for everyone involved, and our clean systems make billing and other complex systems more reliable, accurate and efficient.  Medsien programs deliver very high quality technology, which easily and efficiently improves billing, care delivery and revenue for our customers. High quality systems that deliver value for our customers are part of the long-term success of Medsien programs.   

Transparency and communication with patients

Transparency is key (to the effectiveness of our programs and relationships)

We make sure our Care Partners and other team members communicate a lot upfront with patients about their insurance coverage, expected co-pays and are very transparent with our patients on the front end.  We feel this transparency and upfront communication helps manage important details, and helps patients be prepared and know what to expect.  The majority of complaints from patients are often about dealing with insurance and billing.  Our software systems flag patient specifics upfront and our care team communicates these details to them at that time, so there are no surprises or  disappointments, and patients know what to expect. This yields a tremendous increase in satisfaction, or at least a reduction in dissatisfaction – as most people are not happy about insurance and billing regardless of a smooth process. Our systems pulling and communicating this information upfront also allows the team to flag any errors early and get them resolved more quickly. With upfront notice, they are prepared and the insurance/co-pay information becomes straightforward and clear, rather than the nightmare that insurance often is on the backend for patients and practices. Our systems identify copays and insurance in the patient file at the onset, so it’s just a routine part of communication and makes patients have much less trouble with insurance and payment later.  Clear, straightforward communication builds trust and satisfaction which makes our programs successful too.  

Long-term success of Medsien’s RPM and CCM programs, is the long-term success of Medsien.

About Medsien

Medsien is the leading provider of scalable remote care management for a quality patient experience. Hundreds of organizations trust Medsien’s unparalleled technology solutions to implement exceptional remote care management programs, personalize every interaction, and improve the lives of the people who need it most. Medsien was founded to reimagine remote care management.


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