February 14, 2024

Don’t be a robot: Adding the personal touch to remote care technology

As advances in health related technologies become more and more integrated into healthcare delivery, it remains essential to still maintain a focus on the patient and the patient experience.

Don’t be a robot: Adding the personal touch to remote care technology

A pivotal crossroads for innovative technologies and healthcare

As advances in health related technologies become more and more integrated into healthcare delivery, it remains essential to still maintain a focus on the patient and the patient experience. Health care organization systems are more and more automated, and it has often become harder for patients to get information and communicate directly with the provider or someone in a provider's office when needed.  

Advancing technology and automation have significantly improved many aspects of healthcare organization efficiency, accuracy and costs, but they cannot replace the critical part of personal communication and connection that is essential to good, effective healthcare. In some cases, automation and cost-cutting have essentially replaced all personal communication required to manage care or get appointments - resulting sometimes in a very poor patient experience.  Now, more than ever, it is crucial to figure out a way to use these important advances to improve efficiencies and effectiveness, while still understanding that healthcare is inherently personal. The key to good outcomes and patient and provider satisfaction - and ultimately value-based care - is to utilize the effective advances, while maintaining a way for patients and caregivers to communicate and have a personal connection. 

There may be a generational component to some of this, for example, Medicare aged patients are some of the greatest consumers of healthcare, and they in-particular cannot only rely on electronic communication for effective healthcare delivery - especially in a crisis. But healthcare is a different product in general, and every user of every age - parents of babies trying to communicate with the pediatrician, a teenager who needs an advocate they trust, an adult with a sudden onset of concerning symptoms - really relies on the ability to also have a person they trust to connect with, get information from and maintain their health. Right now, despite all the technology and advances available - in many cases healthcare is going backwards - sending people to the ER for what could be routine care if they could talk to someone and get a question answered. For decades all health care policy and care management was developing to move away from this most costly, inefficient and often ineffective model. But removing people, staffing and personal connection from the process is potentially costing more and yielding worse outcomes down the road. 

As new innovative technologies continue to develop, and with the onset of AI, it is more important than ever for companies and health care organizations to be able to combine automation and each new innovative technology with maintaining personal communication and connection. Companies that do this will improve efficiencies and effectiveness , while also improving the patient experience, provider satisfaction and health outcomes. 

Personal connection, relationships, support and trust =  being there for patients 

Generationally, most current Medicare patients are used to talking on the phone or having a point person and talking with a real person and having a personal connection. Medsien care partners are an important part of meeting that expectation, meeting our care population needs, caring for our patients and individualizing their care. It is essential to meet patients where they’re at, be sure they can receive important information and ensure connection. While this is a current generational expectation, I’d argue that when it comes to healthcare, the next few Medicare generation(s) to come, still have that expectation for their healthcare - even if they are more tech savvy. And some will be lonely as they age. 

Also, some approaches to healthcare delivery are not just generational - connection, communication, and relationships actually are very important to providing high quality, accurate, timely and coordinated care. This will remain true as Gen X and then Gen Y - and maybe beyond - age into the Medicare population because this important level of communication, check in, and having a point person is essential to coordinated care and good outcomes.  

It takes a village just to maintain one person’s health - and at Medsien, 
we act as an extension of your office by providing dedicated remote staffing. Every patient in Medsien is assigned to a certified and highly rated team of dedicated care partners. With Medsien, you can augment and expand your team - no hiring or training required. There are no call centers - Medsien’s care partners develop personal relationships with patients—seamlessly and at scale. Nothing gets more personalized than having Medsien’s empathetic team of experts provide 1:1 assistance to address patients’ unique needs. 

Each member of Medsien’s team of care partners, made up of registered nurses and certified medical assistants, is required to meet our rigorous standards. Medsien hires, credentials, verifies and trains and then assigns all dedicated care partners to each patient based on a good fit. Medsien care partners perform all the various remote care management clinical care services - they monitor patient vitals and symptoms, regularly check in on patients, coach them through ways to stay on top of their care, serve as a point of contact when patients or caregivers need to talk to a provider - and they build close, trusting relationships, offer caring comfort and support, give a sense of safety, reliability, consistency and deep personal connection. We make sure our providers are there to support remote care management and to help patients navigate the healthcare system and facilitate communication (digital and verbal) with their doctors as well. Patient connection, patient satisfaction and caring, involved, connected care givers, not only improve the quality of patient care, but can significantly improve health outcomes. Individual, appointed Medsien dedicated care partners ensure this. 

Medsien delivers individualization and connections at many levels 

Medsien goes above and beyond, working hard to ensure individualized multi-layered connections, high levels of patient (and provider) satisfaction and good health outcomes.

We individualize patient care at every level - from identifying eligibility to customized care plans - and everything in between. It takes a lot of time and work to ensure personal care at such a deep level, but that is the core of who we are and what we do. We use our highly sophisticated technology to help ensure we are individualizing each patient’s care. You won’t find this kind of effort at every level to individualize patient care with other remote care management companies.  

Here are just some of the steps Medsien goes through to ensure each patient has a dedicated care partner and individualized care at every level of interaction:

  • We use our systems to help determine and identify patient eligibility, insurance coverage, costs and detailed patient health status and risk factors before enrolling patients into any care management program.
  • We customize your dashboard for your patient’s needs, setting up custom notifications or treatment plans for all patients in your practice, enabling personalized care and simplified monitoring. 
  • We hire, train and hand-pick dedicated care partners for each patient. Medsien then assigns each patient a specific care partner - often located in their geographic region - who will not only manage and monitor each patient’s care in between appointments with their doctor, but who will check in regularly, be a designated point person, advocate and caregiver to help manage all aspects of remote care management which is designed to support in-person care and create a holistic approach for each patient. 
  • We monitor and update all Medicare policies, coding and ensure data privacy, safety and compliance.

These extra steps at every level of the process, ensures improved patient and caregiver satisfaction, provider satisfaction and most importantly improved health outcomes. This is not easy to do - especially in this level of great detail, in this careful, personal, individualized way - which is why most companies can’t or don’t do this. But it’s hugely important to Medsien and very important for providing quality care. Medsien gladly designed our programs to make this effort and to ensure all of these steps to make it happen because it’s so important to us, and so important for achieving good care.

Empowering care through innovative technology - Medsien’s software is key to personalized care 

Medsien is a technology company with highly sophisticated, superior software. Software is very important for helping practices manage patient care and for helping run remote care management programs; but you can’t do it with software alone. Medsien’s unique software-staffing hybrid is the key to efficient, effective care management programs that provide personalized and personal, optimal patient care. 

Some of our competitors only rely on auto-calls, auto-texts, and MyChart to communicate with patients. While we of course use these at Medsien - as our sophisticated technology allows us to easily - we know that used alone, they’re not sufficient. Our hybrid software-staffing model allows us to help you set up high-quality, reliable and personal care management programs that can be up and running in 5 days. Our staff supplements and supports your team to provide a suite of remote care solutions and optimal patient care. 

Medsien goes above and beyond these technical communication measures to use personal connection and  human contact to be certain that patients receive the full gamut of care and connection that ensure improved health outcomes. Medsien’s core concept is to combine the technical and personal to create state of the art care. We personalize our technology to help automate workflows and identify key health information, red flags and very personalized care plans for each patient. Most tools merely cover the basics of care management, but only Medsien’s highly scalable solutions can take your practice from routine to remarkable.

Enhance the patient experience with quality remote care management

Medsien is the leading provider of scalable remote care management - and as part of that, we’re  focused on providing the best, most advanced technology - with a human touch. Hundreds of organizations trust Medsien’s unparalleled technology solutions to deliver a high quality patient experience.

One of the most important benefits of remote care is enhancing the patient experience while improving health outcomes and the quality of care. Medsien’s scalable technology and services significantly improve patient engagement and outcomes with personalized, ongoing support for the most vulnerable patients.

At all points of the patient and provider experience, Medsien technology is facilitated by our personal touch. And vice versa. Our technology is designed to allow for easy personalization, individualization and customization - all of which allow for communication, connection and relationships - making the multi-layered approach of Medsien unique, and above and beyond most other companies’ care management solutions. 

Medsien adds the personal touch to remote care technology solutions:

  • Medsien provides a deep connection and is really there for patients.
  • Medsien goes above and beyond to provide great systems and high quality care at multiple levels of the care experience.
  • Medsien’s superior technology allows for customization that makes it possible to have deeply personal care.

About Medsien

Medsien is the leading provider of scalable remote care management for a quality patient experience. Hundreds of organizations trust Medsien’s unparalleled technology solutions to implement exceptional remote care management programs, personalize every interaction, and improve the lives of the people who need it most. Medsien was founded to reimagine remote care management.

Rebecca Steinfeld

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