February 28, 2024

Going beyond EHR integration: Successful remote care management is so much more

Having the data integrated is helpful, but does not create any important data flows or streamline any data communication or operations. Remote care management is much more than the EHR.

Going beyond EHR integration: Successful remote care management is so much more

EHR integration sets the foundation for successful remote care management solutions

Electronic health record (EHR) integration is the process of enabling medical records to seamlessly be accessed across electronic software solutions. It’s a core part of any practice management, and EHR integration is the basic foundation of any remote care or care management program. That basic foundation creates system wide links with the EHR to integrate and identify eligible patients, have up-to-date patient information and to improve basic communication across the system. EHR integration offers many benefits and basic improvements to your practice operations, patient care and outcomes. 

Implementation and adaptation of integration greatly improves a practice efficiency and care, but depending on who you work with and how it’s designed, integration can sometimes take quite a long time; Without proper staffing and training, implementation and adaptation also can be a complicated barrier for many healthcare organizations. A lot of remote care management vendors and companies do the integration and then let it sit from there. Basic EHR integration gives the systems access to records and what to flag. There are many care management programs that you can outsource to that connect to the EHR. But often, that’s all they do. EHR integration facilitates being able to pull data, but simply having the EHR integrated doesn’t automatically pull it for you. 

The EHR alone is not comprehensive remote care management - again, having the data integrated is helpful, but does not create any important data flows or streamline any data communication or operations. Remote care management is much more than the EHR. Truly successful systems are designed with two way EHR integration - sophisticated platforms built into the EHR using data analytics - which are essential to designing a scalable, seamless and successful integration of data to create a remote care management program that brings program data from your providers into the EHR as well. Done right, this can make the process seamless so you don’t overwhelm the system or your team - and instead have efficient data flowing and no changes to your system or workflows.  

Remote care management programs are built around the idea of continuous patient management and communication. EHRs are designed around office visits, and billing, not continuous monitoring. For any program beyond that, using only the EHR can get messy. It is less efficient and will create a lot of noise in patients' charts. For a successful remote care management integration, you need an end-to-end solution that streamlines workflows and saves time for everyone involved.  A solution that offers an advanced, automated, scalable platform that is an extension of the EHR, and workflows designed around remote care management which makes everything more efficient and audit-proof. This eliminates disconnected systems and tools, keeps the data flowing efficiently in both directions - ensuring the EHR is not overloaded, and that your entire operations are streamlined for simpler, smoother, more accurate and up-to-date data and remote care programs.

Robust remote care management solutions

For a scalable, more holistic remote care management program model, you need to build from there. Sophisticated remote care management solutions are the connections and layers to the EHR that build a truly impactful program and get results. Robust, well-managed and monitored programs require more than EHR integration to be really successful - and to offer fully integrated remote care management. Successful, robust programs take your organization’s care management further creating reliable, accurate, scalable systems that allow your care management programs to provide remote care - quickly.

A holistic program offers a scalable, integrated remote care program with high quality software integrations and staffing that creates a more complex, sophisticated program and partnership. It’s really difficult for healthcare organizations or medical practices to implement successful remote patient programs alone. And it’s really difficult to have robust remote care management without a comprehensive program.   

There are 3 core things that make great, scalable remote care programs, and build on the basics of EHR integration: highly sophisticated software and systems, staffing and a coordinated partnership.  When you have all 3 - you improve processes, relieve and remove barriers and provide better care and outcomes.  

Seamless EHR integration facilitates all the other things Medsien can do for your practice or health care organization. 

Medsien makes remarkable remote care possible 

EHR integration clearly is at the basic core of any care management program - and certainly, it’s at the core of ours. Yet at Medsien, a high-quality, scalable remote care solution is so much more than simply the EHR.  We use EHR integration and connectivity as a starting point to begin a program for our clients, and then create customized, scalable and personal remote care management programs that build on the initial integration - utilizing a lot of the information available in the EHR to grow in layered, sophisticated ways.

Using our unique software and staffing model, Medsien builds highly complex software systems [into scalable, sophisticated programs that not only connect to the EHR, but can quickly build upon it, bringing in many other unique capabilities - starting with patient identification for eligibility into each of our solutions,  then care management implementation, coordination and patient monitoring, as well as building in tracking, reporting and reminder systems, billing information, highly effective data safety measures and compliance checks.

At Medsien we start with EHR integration to link and create a basic program. Then we put to work our unique capabilities and hybrid model that links -software, staffing, and partnerships - to build customized, remarkable, scalable programs in less than a week.

Building on the Foundation of EHR Integration with software, staffing & partnerships


Building on the initial EHR integration, we use our unparalleled, proprietary software to integrate our systems and create highly efficient and effective, scalable, secure and customized remote care programs. We build in layers of options that make a more robust program - including links, flags, reminders, feedback loops, coding updates and data safety - in order to have a continuous flow of up-to-the-minute data between the care management team and all other providers.  By making this data and communications available to patients, care managers, primary medical care providers, billing departments, regulatory agencies and beyond - we ensure our programs link in any stakeholder in the circle of care.

Medsien software capabilities and EHR integration working for you: 

Simple yet sophisticated solutions to power up your practice: We prioritize understanding our clients’ needs and constantly improving our solutions based on their feedback to ensure success

Automate your workflow from start to finish: From program enrollment to everyday care management, Medsien streamlines your entire operations with automated tracking, reporting and billing. 

Scale with automation: Streamline your entire operations with automated tracking, reporting and billing

Automatically track your work with Medsien built-in EHR extension: Medsien’s extension makes it easy to track your work in the EHR, without requiring any changes to existing systems or workflows.

Customize your dashboard based on your patient’s needs: Set custom notifications or treatment plans for all patients in your practice, enabling personalized care and simplified monitoring

Secure your success: Medsien maintains a real-time audit trail of all patient interactions via automated time tracking, recorded calls and detailed logs.

Learn more about the range of Medsien’s technology solutions and how we integrate with and build upon the EHR.


One of the greatest barriers to implementing and sustaining successful remote care management programs is staffing. Medsien’s unique software-staffing model is at the core of how we build upon the capabilities of EHR connectivity. We staff our team with enrollment specialists who take on the work of eligibility identification and enrollment. Then, we staff your entire program with carefully screened and selected nurses and certified medical assistants (CMAs) to serve as your remote care management Care Partners. We take care of all the due diligence including certification and training of staff, and identify and assign designated care partners for each eligible and enrolled patient. 

This assigned staff member - the Care Partner - renders and manages all of the patient’s remote care management, and becomes their point person for all care management and any other issues that come up. Our care partners and care team help with implementation and onboarding, identifying patient eligibility and enrollment to maximize coverage, offering personalized care and care coordination. Dealing with the same person week after week, builds close relationships between the patients and their care partners - and creates consistency, comfort and trust that not only improves patient (and provider) satisfaction, but also increases the frequency, consistency, accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of care rendered - which yields significantly improved health outcomes. The assigned Care Partner becomes the point person, the care manager and the link to all other parts of the practice and providing holistic care. 

We prioritize compassionate and quality care.  By empowering our care partners and your care teams with innovative technology, we combine efficiency with empathy for a bigger operational impact and better patient care.


Medsien isn’t a third-party player, vendor or simply your contractor for EHR integration and remote care management. Medsien is your partner in ensuring superior systems and excellent care. In our partnership, building many layers into the EHR to customize the perfect program for your healthcare organization, we combine the technical and the personal aspects of high-quality care to create successful, efficient, effective and deeply personal remote care through our remote care management programs. Our CMA Care Partners- partner with your team clinically, operationally and personally.  Our technical team works closely with you to design, build and monitor a customized remote care management program fine-tuned to your exact specifications and needs. Once underway, we remain closely connected to your program, making updates, adjustments and caring for your patients together and as part of your team. 

Every client works with a dedicated account manager and support team to ensure we’re making your remote care programs work best for your practice.  We’re a trusted partner that regularly collaborates with your team so our solutions are customized for your practice.

You shouldn’t have to choose between taking on the burden or care management or outsourcing it completely.   With Medsien, you can have remarkable remote care without the hassle, while still remaining an essential part of it and having a committed partner. 

Our core values of trust, harmony and empathy ensure we’re good partners to help you power up your programs - with reliability, efficiency and compassion. 

With Medsien scalable remote care management programs, you improve efficiencies and the effectiveness of your practice and the care received, patient and provider satisfaction and engagement and improve the quality of care provided and patient’s health outcomes; while saving costs and increasing revenue.

About Medsien

Medsien is the leading provider of scalable remote care management for a quality patient experience. Hundreds of organizations trust Medsien’s unparalleled technology solutions to implement exceptional remote care management programs, personalize every interaction, and improve the lives of the people who need it most. Medsien was founded to reimagine remote care management.

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