Why Medsien: Ensuring Compliance & Peace of Mind

At Medsien, we work as partners with our clients to ensure smooth, well-integrated remote care programs. Medsien’s approach of tracking and reporting, staffing, integration, and full communication is unique — ensures transparency and compliance for every practice or health system. 


We implement a detailed, accurate program so you can run your CCM and RPM with confidence and ease. The design of our programs, and specifically the dashboard we create for you and your patients, is crucial to transparency, accuracy, and compliance, in case of a Medicare audit. 


The Medsien dashboard is the central component of any Medsien program – and a central component to successful compliance. Yet, there are no changes in providers’ workflow since all the important information is shared to practices’ EHR. The dashboard is an in-house tool that integrates care management processes with the electronic health record (EHR) for each practice. The Medsien dashboard tracks, documents, and records everything that happens with patients. No other company has a tool that contains and manages everything the Medsien dashboard does. 


Medsien’s core components to ensuring compliance and your peace of mind include: 

Real-time data collection and tracking, seamless communication, and client/provider involvement. 

Medsien’s highly compliant CCM & RPM programs bring our clients peace of mind


Our programs track, document, record, and time every interaction, providing you with lots of good, real-time information about your patient and the care they are receiving. This data collection prepares our clients for any audit or inquiry at any time.  This is unique to Medsien and really differentiates ours from other CCM & RPM programs. 


Our programs also provide real-time data to anyone who needs it and keeps the patient’s needs and next steps front and center. Our system is designed with information readily available, and structures in place to facilitate excellent and easy communication between our Medical Assistants (MAs) and our programs with the provider side. MAs leave detailed notes and important information in the practices’ EHR. Providers can see the detailed notes and information, typically as a Patient Case in their EHR based on the MAs interactions and patient notes made during the CCM & RPM communications. This ensures consistency across the care team, and high-quality, organized care is being delivered to your patients. This improves the quality of patient care and outcomes.   


Data collection and documentation, seamless communication, and clarity of information across all providers prepare our clients for compliance inquiries – giving them peace of mind knowing all of the data is there.  

Real-time Documentation & Tracking 


Everything done on the patient is tracked, audited, and recorded. This is all documented on the Medsien dashboard. In addition to the medical practice’s care team, the patients will get a call from the same Medical Assistant every month – ensuring consistency in patient communication and documentation. Everything that MA does – calls, documentation, notes – is done from this specific dashboard. This is essential to what makes Medsien’s programs unique, and there are several very important things about these interactions and utilization of the dashboard. 


First, the dashboard is seamlessly integrated with the patient’s charts, so all documentation, notes, and questions are available in real-time. 


Second, the dashboard logs time spent on each interaction and helps track the timing of each patient, to ensure accurate billing. Our systems auto-record and auto-time down to the second, to document that care management was done (for at least 20 minutes) which ensures accurate, auditable billing for CCM & RPM. 


Third, all interactions, communications, and phone calls are recorded and securely stored for years, to ensure detailed documentation remains available in case of an audit. Medsien can segment your data however is helpful.  We archive the data and save everything to create reports by whatever timeframe or breakdown you might need if you are audited. We also automatically provide a monthly summary and patient summary for each practice.  



Seamless Communication and Consistency Across the Care Team


If provider action is required, MA’s detailed notes will show up in the ‘Patient Cases’ section of the EHR – without the need to access the Medsien dashboard. The provider will see it – or know to look for it – right away. Providers will always have up-to-date patient information, and won’t miss anything important because it’s always shared in the EHR integrated dashboard with clear actionable updates and to-dos. 


In addition to the information shared with EHRs, providers and staff can also access patients in Medsien directly from their charts using Medsien’s intelligent browser extension which allows Single-Sign-On (SSO) access to Medsien without a need for username or password. There are very simple workflows designed to increase providers’ efficiency while keeping high compliance. This seamless connection ensures 100% transparency across providers and Medsien.  Also, this makes for an extremely successful CCM and RPM ensuring high-quality care and improved care.  

The Medsien Difference


The majority of companies that create and support CCM and RPM, act as third-party entities that don’t track (or not accurately) or document data, interactions, or next steps that need to happen. Medsien aims to become an extension of your practice. Our staff are assigned and dedicated to your practice to deliver a more personalized experience to patients. Our highly integrated, seamless dashboard does all of these things in real-time, which allows Medsien to deliver a compliant program, and can give our clients peace of mind.  Providers and health systems working with Medsien on CCM, RPM, and other programs know they are covered – there is full and accurate documentation – clear actionable tasks – time tracking and recorded interactions – all archived to ensure you can show immediate compliance with 100% transparency – immediately at the time of an audit and any time along the way. 


You get something really different with Medsien. 100% transparency, and being fully compliant means that every single interaction about your patients is tracked, monitored, and recorded.  And you have real-time access to that data at any time. This is quite unique to Medsien, and why our programs can ensure compliance and give our clients total peace of mind.

Medsien’s Core Components to Ensuring Compliance [& Your Peace of Mind]


  • Real-Time Data Collection & Tracking
    • Tracks, Documents, Records and Times All Data and Interactions
      • Records conversations and times all interactions
      •  Archives and documents all notes
  • Seamless Communication
    • Communicates Across the Program between Medical Assistants (MA’s) and Providers – Sharing Information and Ensuring High-Quality Care
    • Alerts Providers of Patient Status and updates, requests and changes (( by putting notes/info into ‘Patient Cases’ in the EHR for the provider to see))
  • Client/Provider Peace of Mind
    • The Data is Thorough, Instant, and Easily Accessible 
    • Billing is Easy and Accurate
    • Audits are Simple


The Medsien Difference


  • Real-time access
  • Have compliance information ready and available if needed 
  • Peace of Mind

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