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Leveraging Medsien's technology to Streamline Operations and Enhance Patient Care

A Case Study of Mount Vernon Internal Medicine within the Privia Health Network

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patients in the CCM and RPM programs


claims processed with 98% reimbursement rate


increase in the total number of care procedures conducted

"Since teaming up with Medsien, I've noticed our patients are happier, my staff is relieved of extra tasks, and our practice has seen a powerful bump in revenue."

Dr. Albert Herrera, MD
President, Mount Vernon Internal Medicine


Limited patient engagement

A renowned practice with multiple locations across Virginia, Mount Vernon Internal Medicine (MVIM) serves a substantial population of patients with chronic health conditions who require ongoing monitoring and management. To help enhance patient care and improve health outcomes, MVIM knew it needed remote monitoring solutions, including chronic care management (CCM) and remote patient monitoring (RPM). However, previously employed monitoring services captured less than 2% of the practices patient base and delivered poor levels of patient engagement and care plan adherence.

When the practice, which is part of Privia Health, decided to relaunch its CCM and RPM programs in September 2022, they turned to Medsien, whose comprehensive approach empowered MVIM to streamline operations, enhance patient engagement, and achieve remarkable results with no additional administrative burden on its internal team.


Seamless integration with athenahealth

Medsien offered a comprehensive suite of products, including advanced software for remote care management with a user-friendly interface, high-quality staff augmentation services, and cellular connected RPM devices, empowering healthcare providers to streamline care processes and enhance patient engagement.

MVIM was able to implement the Medsien service with no upfront cost and only a 30-minute call to get started. This accelerated onboarding ensured that the practice could focus on delivering quality care and enhancing outcomes without delay.

“As a physician, I’ve got to say: Working with Medsien has been a real gamechanger for our practice,” said Albert Herrera, M.D., president, Mount Vernon Internal Medicine. “We had a tough time gaining practice-wide adoption with our previous CCM and RPM partner, but ever since we partnered with Medsien, things have turned around big time.”

Medsien’s remote care management solution provides a deep bidirectional integration with athenahealth’s platform. This integration enables automatic identification of eligible patients for CCM and RPM programs. Patient data is securely and efficiently communicated between Medsien and athenahealth, ensuring real-time access to critical health information for care coordinators and physicians. The integration also automates billing and claim submission processes, removing the manual work from the MVIM staff and optimizing revenue cycles for the practice.

As a vetted solution within Privia Health, Medsien facilitates unparalleled access for the practices within the Privia Health network, unlike other integrated solutions. The added benefits of this include scheduling follow-up appointments and labs, creating patient cases, automating billing and reporting, and more.

Medsien understood the significance of preserving MVIM’s existing workflows. Medsien’s browser extension integrates with athenahealth’s platform, recording all relevant communications and interactions, ensuring a smooth transition to remote care management without disruptions and with simplified billing.


Scaled care management, benefit to more patients and MVIM staff

MVIM experienced a surge in patient enrollment after implementing Medsien’s integrated solution. Within just four months, Medsien successfully enrolled more than 1,400 patients in the CCM and RPM programs.

“We not only met our adoption goals but surpassed them,” Dr. Herrera said. “The integration with athenahealth has been seamless, allowing us to get back to what truly matters: taking care of our patients and engaging with them on a whole new level.”

The patient-centric approach facilitated by Medsien, combined with the enhanced communication and care coordination within Privia Health’s athenahealth platform, helped MVIM achieve a 90% patient retention rate, demonstrating a high level of patient satisfaction. In addition, early detection of issues through the CCM & RPM program facilitated timely interventions, reducing hospital readmissions, and increasing timely onsite visits to MVIM locations.

The integration of Medsien with athenahealth’s EHR, along with Medsien’s expertise in billing and claims management, led to significant improvements in MVIM’s claims processing efficiency. Within the first year of implementation, MVIM successfully submitted more than 8,500 claims. The practice achieved an impressive reimbursement rate of 98%, indicating the effectiveness of the system in reducing claim denials and maximizing revenue for the practice. The addition of a successful CCM & RPM program resulted in additional income for the practice, while simultaneously reducing in-office work for the MVIM team.

Medsien’s thoughtful software also had a positive impact on the number of care procedures performed at MVIM. The practice reported a substantial 25% increase in the total number of care procedures conducted within the first year of adopting the integrated solution, highlighting the efficiency gains and improved patient care outcomes.

Overall, Medsien’s solution has empowered Mount Vernon Internal Medicine to elevate its remote care management capabilities significantly. With deep integration with athenahealth, seamless access to the Privia Health network, and an integrated browser extension, Medsien offers a user-friendly, efficient, and interconnected healthcare ecosystem. These positive results — coupled with the increase in successful claims and revenue collection and increase in patient touchpoints between office visits — reinforced MVIM’s position as a thriving medical practice providing exemplary services within the Privia Health network.

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