August 24, 2023

Remote dedicated staffing: What does it mean to be an extension of your practice

For most health organizations right now, teams are already understaffed, overworked, and overstressed - and each great new idea or new program or project or innovation that is suggested or required of clinical providers - adds more work for their team

Remote dedicated staffing: What does it mean to be an extension of your practice

Understanding remote dedicated staffing

Scalable remote care management solutions offer medical practices and organizations an opportunity to extend care beyond the walls of the practice and in-person office visits while improving health outcomes and the quality of care provided, provider and patient satisfaction, and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the care provided by the practice or organization. 

Most healthcare organizations are experiencing staffing shortages, provider stress and burnout -  and are being asked to innovate and add programs without a lot of resources or enough staff. Many practices need dedicated staffing because they are being asked to do more and more with less and less. To improve patient outcomes and improve the effectiveness of your organization, you need trained, dedicated staff to work in conjunction with your existing in-house team to provide more and better care to your patients.    

With remote dedicated staffing, you have an entire certified clinical team within the practice dedicated exclusively to managing the remote care programs added to your organization. Remote dedicated staffing is one key part of scalable remote care solutions that help organizations improve the quality and effectiveness of care being provided in any organization. Companies that offer dedicated staffing combined with sophisticated software solutions and seamless electronic health record (EHR) integration can transform your practice and patient care. It’s a really successful strategy, but can be an extremely heavy burden for practices and organizations to handle or do on their own.

When you use another company to help do this - implement scalable remote care management programs and create a remote dedicated staff team  - it takes away the staffing and complex administrative burdens of adding remote care management services to your organization on your own. The right company - partner, really - will integrate seamlessly with your systems and your in-person clinical staff - becoming an extension of your practice. The hope is to reduce the staffing and administrative complexities for your current staff - and further improve and enhance the care your patients are receiving.  

There are many complexities to consider before remote care management staffing implementation

Burdens and complexities of remote care and dedicated staffing implementation:

  • Time
  • Structural and additional staffing costs
  • Lacking infrastructure
  • Administrative complexities
  • Staffing shortages
  • Staff/Healthcare Burnout

For most health organizations right now, teams are already understaffed, overworked, and overstressed - and each great new idea or new program or project or innovation that is suggested or required of clinical providers - adds more work for their team. Provider satisfaction is trending downward. Providers not only feel stressed, exhausted and burnt out, but they feel staff shortages and burnout are contributing not only to a decrease in professional and provider satisfaction but potentially negatively impacting the quality of care provided as well. Read more about healthcare burnout.  

To be done well, remote care management and remote monitoring programs require sophisticated software, seamless EHR integration and full-time staff to enroll, manage and run the remote patient care portion of the care being provided.  A solid program can require significant costs and resources of actual dollars, infrastructure, and onboarding and training of clinical and administrative staff. Staffing a scalable remote care management program requires significant resources as well - bodies and dollars - including all the costs required to manage, engage and compensate staff. In addition, there are important processes and workflows that require not only sophisticated software and seamless integration but highly trained staff to manage as well. 

It seems unfathomable to find the time or a way to implement a solid remote care management solution for most organizations. But adding one could actually solve a lot of these problems - sufficient staffing, work overload, burnout, administrative burden, and quality measures  - and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your practice and the satisfaction of your providers and patients.

Tremendous staffing resources are required across the board to build a scalable remote care program, and substantial staffing is required to run successful programs. Each program requires additional certified clinical staff dedicated specifically to establish remote care with your patients and to develop and run successful remote care management programs. Often up to 30-40 new staff are required to manage between 5,000-10,000 patients, and to ensure high quality of care and quality assurance of the programs. More about the economics of remote care management

Rather than your current staff tackling remote care too, or having to attempt to hire sufficient staff for it - Medsien’s remote care management programs include staffing solutions with remote dedicated care partners assigned to each of your patients. Every care partner is certified, trained and background checked prior to hiring. Our seamless EHR integration allows, facilitates and ensures up to the minute personalization and communication. Each patient is assigned a specific provider to ensure the continuity of care and an ongoing relationship. With the one-to-one patient/care partner relationship, patients build strong relationships and get support and motivation from their individualized, assigned care partner. The long-term success of an integrated, personalized approach yields better health outcomes and increased satisfaction for both patients and providers. Remote dedicated staffing for your remote care management programming benefits your team, your staff and benefits patients. With remote dedicated staffing patients benefit from good communication, care integration, full transparency and support. 

Personalization is a key component of the remote dedicated staffing and remote programs

Medsien helps you personalize and expand the care delivered, and automation and EHR integration make this personalization possible. Automation also helps to improve access to care, the quality of care delivered, patient health outcomes, patient satisfaction, and provider satisfaction and to build relationships between the care team and patient. 

At Medsien, we use our hybrid software and staffing model to help improve the quality and effectiveness of patient care, by building a personalized, dedicated staffing model to help scale and run the remote care management and monitoring portion of patient care. This model is seamlessly integrated into the practice connecting remote staff, in-office clinical staff and patients together so that remote care management and patient monitoring becomes a very important part of the care provided in your practice. Dedicated staffing is at the core of your remote care management and patient monitoring - and when done correctly is an extension of your practice, not a supplement to it. This difference is very important to ensure the personalization of the care, the dedicated one-on-one ongoing support and management of care, transparency to patients and good communication. And most importantly, this integration and extension ensures the highest quality of care is provided - meeting and exceeding patient care goals, and leading to improved health outcomes and increased patient satisfaction for your patients and their caregivers. Using dedicated remote staffing improves the experience, enhances the practice, builds connection, relationships and engagement - and improves patient care, outcomes and experience. 

A team dedicated to your patients...that also feels like your own

Medsien is:

  • Trust
  • A Partner
  • Personal Relationships
  • An Extension of Your Practice
  • Rigorous Standards
  • Dedication
  • Transparency
  • Audit-proof
  • Complaint 

Medsien gives you a care team and partner you can trust. Our Care Partners offer deeply personalized care and develop personal relationships with patients - and are in a communication loop with the providers at your organization. Understandably, most organizations are hesitant to outsource remote care programs to third parties despite staffing shortages, burnt out staff and the operational complexities required to run a program. At Medsien though, we act as an extension of your office with dedicated staff. Medsien offers hybrid staffing to supplement your team when needed, providing extra support and resources for optimal patient care.  Medsien is not a call center, our patients receive personalized monthly care from dedicated staff. This builds trust, bonds and improves patient care and outcomes

We care about the safety and security of your patients and make sure your patients are in great hands. Everyone on the Medsien care team of registered nurses and certified medical assistants is required to meet rigorous standards that include: Rigorous background checks, including healthcare sanctions checks; Active certifications from various national professional organizations like AAMA or NHA; Continuous training and quality assurance for increased compliance.

Medsien does this with: 

  • A Team Dedicated to your patients
  • Consistent, Monthly Care
  • Dedicated Care Partners
  • Care That is Familiar and Accessible to Everyone
  • Individualized Care Plans & Provider Updates
  • Detailed Analytics, Reporting and Compliance

We assemble a team dedicated to your patients. Our hybrid staffing is intended to supplement your in-house team with monthly care from a dedicated provider when needed - providing extra care, support and resources to ensure the best care and best outcomes overall. Our growing network of Care Partners are all based in the US and live local to your patients. This means the staff assigned to your patients understand any local issues and conditions - and even though they’re remote, they’re an extension of your local, in-person care team. Our bilingual staff speaks English, Spanish, Russian, Korean and other languages - making our scalable remote patient programs as accessible as possible. 

Medsien may provide the remote dedicated staffing, but the staff feel like your own. Our dedicated staff work as your partner and make sure that all your remote care management programs run as an extension of your practice. Unlike any other platform, Medsien provides a real-time view into every patient interaction—so you can monitor their care just as closely as you do with your own staff. Automated time tracking, recorded calls, and detailed logs - gives greater transparency with a real-time audit trail of all patient interactions. Individualized care plans with custom surveys and questionnaires - gives extensive documentation to monitor health trends and keep providers informed. And detailed analytics and reports for better visibility and compliance - yields monthly and quarterly reports to keep you informed on the performance of your programs.  Read more about our care partners.

Work with Medsien to make it easier for you

Medsien does the hard work so you don’t have to. Our programs are turn key ready to go, scalable remote care management solutions. With our hybrid specialized software and staffing solutions, we provide all the support and staff - and offer a ready to go program. We certify, background check and train our ready to go remote team specifically for your organization’s remote care programs and solutions. Working with Medsien removes all the barriers and risks to ensure successful implementation and guarantees long term success of your remote care management program. We bring you all the clinical benefits through our personalization and coordination, and all the operational benefits through our automation and augmentation. 

At Medsien, we created a dedicated staffing model to help you avoid staffing problems and concerns. We want to make the experience better and more efficient for providers while making the experience, satisfaction and results much greater for patients. We require no additional tasks or outlay by your existing organization/practice staff. We provide staffing solutions to tackle the extra work of remote care management. There are healthcare and technology companies that work hard to implement solutions that keep providers in mind – that know burnout is high, staffing support is low, that physicians and all providers are busy and each new program or innovation often adds more work to your plate, not less. Medsien is that kind of company. We created Medsien to offer solutions that truly help practices solve problems, support providers, improve efficiency, effectiveness and quality of care, and enhance patient care with no burden on the practice. We want to make things easier for providers and practices.

We are your partners in providing better care with no provider burden. Read more about the benefits of working with Medsien and how we make it easy to implement our programs.

About Medsien

Medsien is the leading provider of scalable remote care management for a quality patient experience. Hundreds of organizations trust Medsien’s unparalleled technology solutions to implement exceptional remote care management programs, personalize every interaction, and improve the lives of the people who need it most. Medsien was founded to reimagine remote care management.

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