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Medsien is the leading provider of scalable remote care management. Hundreds of organizations trust Medsien’s unparalleled technology solutions to deliver a quality patient experience.
Medsien provides a hybrid software and staffing model to provide a scalable implementation of valuable remote care services to your patients with no upfront investment or administrative burden.

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Medsien’s sophisticated, EHR integrated, technology platform along with our scalable staffing operation can serve variety of clients and their specific needs. From eligibility to enrollment, automated billing to population-level reporting, Medsien can help you successfully run your remote care programs. 

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Success Stories

I don't think we are the only ones suffering from medical staff shortage. We started using Medsien in July 2021, and out of the 860+ patients that Medsien has been able to provide CCM, less than 10 patients had called the office stating that they no longer want this service. You have to realize that by using Medsien you are providing and showing your patients that You Do Care without burning your staff mentally. Medsien and athenahealth work great together. When I'm looking into outsourcing, I'm looking for a Partner - a company that cares for us and Sina Torabi, Co-Founder and COO has been there for us, responding to our questions in a timely fashion. So far, I've talked about the patient care, now the business side: with Medsien the office has generated profit that perhaps we were leaving on the table. I recommend Medsien to be a partner in this journey

~ Medsien client in rural health center

We have been extremely pleased to be working with Medsien. We replaced our in-house CCM program with Medsien and so far the quality of the program is top-notch. The company is always eager for feedback and prompt in instituting any adjustments to the settings. The platform is eary to navigate and integrates seamlessly with Athena. I would strongly recommend Medsien for any clinic that is looking for a great partner.

~ Medsien client in endorinology

Medsien staff are highly coordinated and responsive. They took the time to understand our practice and tailor the CCM solution to our specific needs. Software is easy to use and makes it easy to keep track of patients. Medsien management team exceeded our expectations and were very responsive to any questions. Also, the ccm medical assistants are by far, some of the most well trained, empathetic, insightful, caring people I have ever worked with. The new RPM rollout is impressive, easy to use with data right at your fingertips. These people care and are also extremely competent.

~ Medsien client in family medicine

Medsien - CCM has been a great addition to our practice. From the beginning they were flexible to meet with our requirements and as we moved forward they were quick to make any changes we requested. Their staff is wonderful to work with and we feel they have integrated well into our staff. We interviewed several other companies offering Chronic Care Management Services and we are extremely happy we went with Medsien.

~ Medsien client in primary care

The Medsien application has been a very professional extension to our patients by providing both patient support and feedback to our staff for otherwise unknown patient needs. The cost is not inexpensive but altogether reasonable given the service provided.

~ Medsien client in family medicine

I am impressed by the professionalism of the Medsien implementation. Medsien team set up our CCM program so that it fit into our existing workflow. They told us exactly what to expect… there were no surprises. They have been a pleasure to work with as they are prompt and look for solutions to always improve our workflow and communications.

~ Medsien client in internal medicine

    Cutting edge technology meets excellent care

    Medsien’s turnkey solution can enable rapid implementation of profitable remote care solutions for your practice and meaningful care and support for your patients with chronic conditions


    Scalable staff augmentation

    Compliance and audit trails

    Deep EHR integration

    Automated tracking

    Automated billing

    Automated reporting

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