October 9, 2023

Underlying issues your Remote Care Programs should eliminate

Remote care allows providers to have a more holistic understanding of patients - without any additional work - even when not seeing them at the office.

Underlying issues your Remote Care Programs should eliminate

Start eliminating the barriers to great care

There are many things to consider if you are adding remote care management programs to your organization. But a major consideration for many healthcare organizations making this decision is to find a program that will truly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their practice, while maintaining excellent, holistic, high quality, connected care both in and out of the office setting.

One of the greatest benefits of remote care programs is that they eliminate many barriers healthcare organizations face everyday in trying to run a practice and provide excellent, effective, comprehensive care. Well designed remote programs: 

  • help keep your patients healthier; 
  • provide more support to patients and the practice by expanding the group of providers on their care team, in turn making patients and providers feel more satisfied with the cycle of care and connections each feel to the other; and 
  • bring trustworthy systems that streamline the day to day operations of your practice/organization helping to make the care and communication about patient care much better and much more efficient and effective for patients and providers.


A successful program pairs highly sophisticated software and seamless electronic health record (EHR) integration with comprehensive staffing solutions. Key to eliminating barriers, streamlining systems and data, and increasing effectiveness and efficiencies is Medsien’s seamless EHR integration and comprehensive approach to scalable remote care management solutions. Through EHR integration, our remote care programs help eliminate a missed opportunity for practices to offer access to high quality, holistic care through scalable remote care management. Also, remote care programs help eliminate poor outcomes, frustrated patients, frustrated providers, overburdened staff and practices, errors related to data, care and eligibility, inaccurate or problematic billing, HIPAA risks and exposures, data safety and compliance issues. High quality, scalable remote care management programs help improve the patient, provider and practice experience with easier, faster, more accurate care; with better data collection, tracking and safety; And helps increase reimbursement and revenue for your practice or healthcare organization -  all at no start-up cost to you or your organization. 

Improve your practice and eliminate common threats to patient care and your business  

Eliminate sicker patients falling through the cracks and poor health outcomes

Improve patient care and the patient experience

Eliminate burnout, staff shortages, lack of connection and communication 

Expand your team of empathetic experts

Eliminate provider/physician disconnect and lack of information

Help physicians have a more holistic understanding of their patients

Eliminate missed care opportunities, errors, inaccurate or delayed data, non-compliance and data safety issues

Add seamless EHR integration to streamline and automate your operations 

Improve patient care and the patient experience 

Remote care programs eliminate sicker patients falling through the cracks, and Improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction. Medsien programs allow our team of eligibility and enrollment experts to quickly identify patients within your practice who are eligible for remote care programs to expand and enhance their care. Once enrolled, our team of Care Partners connects with patients and brings the added layer of remote care services that include the Medsien suite of remote care solutions and services (CCM, RPM, RTM, PCM, TCM and AWVs) that work in conjunction with in-office care to provide more care and better comprehensive care management, which improves access, communication, connectivity and  - most importantly, health outcomes of patients.


Expand your team with empathetic experts 

With our unique combination of sophisticated software solutions and a fully staffed team of remote care management experts and care partners that support your existing in-office staff, Medsien solutions help expand your team with caring, certified medical assistants that help increase the scope of care delivered to your patients without adding further burnout or operational complexities. 

Remote care solutions help expand the care team available to each patient and eliminate already overburdened staff, eliminate patients/caregivers not being able to have contact or reach anyone in their care team’s office, and eliminate care gaps and errors that are often experienced with too few staff, less direct contact and no ways for the patient to reach the provider, or providers to reach the patient. Instead, our programs improve patient satisfaction and experience, improve provider satisfaction and experience, and significantly improve health outcomes. When practices and health care organizations decide to add scalable remote care management solutions for their patients, the improvements benefit staff and patients. And also, help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care being delivered both in office and remotely.


Help physicians have a more holistic understanding of their patients 

The added holistic support that comes from an expanded, but connected team helps doctors and the in-office care team as well.  Remote care solutions help eliminate them feeling disconnected from patients or their caregivers when they leave the office because of the built-in communication and reporting an expanded care team allows for, and because of seamless updates and information that automation facilitates via a comprehensive dashboard in the patient record. 

Remote care allows doctors to have a more holistic understanding of patients - without any additional work - even when not seeing them directly for remote care.  And remote care programs leave patients feeling more connected, more clear and having a point of contact for their care and issues that come up - which actually translates to the provider too and helps the provider feel more connected to the patient and their care. Doctors feel less disconnect and dissatisfaction with how hard it is to provide sufficient care and connection. 

Our solutions help increase provider satisfaction because our systems and remote care programs help them to be more connected and engaged with the whole patient and patient experience even when they’re not delivering all the care. Medsien’s systems allow more connectivity and more connection, which drives an increase in provider satisfaction from increased connection and engagement, and an increase in patient satisfaction because patients feel more connected and engaged which increases health outcomes significantly. Medsien software and automated systems for tracking, notes, and information sharing create an up to date file at all times on the patient, and the in-person care team is kept in the loop. In the end, this increase in provider satisfaction and improvement in health outcomes drives increased provider satisfaction, which offers an opportunity for a continuous cycle of improvement.  

Superior, highly sophisticated software integrates with the day to day workings of a practice   

Using EHR integration, Medsien’s highly specialized software helps to seamlessly create systems that help identify and enroll patients in remote care programs; communicate across providers and streamline operations with automated tracking, billing and reporting. Our systems also help prevent medical, technical and business errors, ensure patient data safety and keep your practice prepared for up to the moment compliance reporting. Our sophisticated software - staffing hybrid, ensures that your practice has the most up-to-date, cutting edge remote care programs and solutions. Our model of software, structure and staff help practices eliminate the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness, poor data and poor outcomes that can come from practices that are overwhelmed and overburdened.  And our highly sophisticated, integrated systems help eliminate errors, missed care opportunities, inaccurate or delayed data, non-compliance and data safety issues.   

EHR integration more specifically, helps eliminate patients missing out on remote care management opportunities, by increasing the number of eligible patients identified, eliminates missed care and missed billing/reimbursement opportunities by adding remote care, identifying and enrolling patients into programs. Medsien remote care programs improve the effectiveness and efficiency of care given - and increases reimbursement to practice.  All with no added staffing or administrative burden for the practice and no additional costs.


Reimagine Remote care management

Medsien allows you to reimagine remote care management and to power up your practice using our highly sophisticated, reliable systems to provide the best, most comprehensive care to your patients. Introducing comprehensive remote care solutions into your medical practice or healthcare organization allows you to significantly improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of care you’re providing, while simultaneously improving the patient and provider experience. Learn more about ways to power up your practice and the road to successful remote care.

About Medsien

Medsien is the leading provider of scalable remote care management for a quality patient experience. Hundreds of organizations trust Medsien’s unparalleled technology solutions to implement exceptional remote care management programs, personalize every interaction, and improve the lives of the people who need it most. Medsien was founded to reimagine remote care management.

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