A comprehensive, turnkey solution designed for remote care

Medsien provides a hybrid software and staffing model  to enable your practice to provide valuable remote care services to your patients and receive reimbursement.
Intelligent Software Platform

Medsien advanced software designed remote care services and is available to members of your practice

Scalable Staffing Augmentation

Medsien's staffing solution are designed to augment your staffing needs without infrastructure burden

Effortless Implementation

With deep integration with your EHR, Medsien can be live in days with absolutely no upfront investment on your part

Automation at work for you

Medsien can help your practice enroll a higher percentage of your eligible patients — while simultaneously avoiding the expensive and complicated administrative burden of having your own staff attempt to set up and manage programs by themselves.


Medsien's algorithms intelligently determine your patients' eligibility for various program including CCM, PCM, RPM, and AWVs


Automated time tracking and logging of activities and interactions with patients for audit trails and compliance purposes


Detailed documentation and automated reporting of all interactions, phone calls, encounters and more added directly to your EHR


At the end of every month, Medsien automatically creates and drops claims with appropriate codes through your own system

A remote extension to your practice

Medsien’s Certified Medical Assistants are highly trained to become an extension of your practice and care for your patients. They are assigned exclusively to your practice which allows them to build a rapport with your patients over time. We do all the hard work of hiring, training, and day-to-day management and will train our staff with your specific needs and guidelines. 

All of our Medical Assistants are certified and licensed to practice to deliver the best personalized care to your patients


Our Certified Medical Assistants are dedicated to your patients meaning the same CMA will contact your patients every month to check in on them and help them with their needs


Our Certified Medical Assistants are located remotely across the US in different timezones. We can help your patients, regardless of where they are. We can scale with your practice.

Our Services

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management adds a constant line of communications with your patients outside of the office to allow you to monitor their health more closely

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring  continuously tracks patients’ important vitals using cellular-connected devices and keep your providers informed of important changes and trends 

Transitional Care Management

Transitional Care Management services from Medsien streamlines patient hospital discharge process for your practice

Annual Wellness Visits

Medsien can help your practice simplify your Annual Wellness Visits process to increase your coverage by automating time-consuming steps in the process

Audit-proof your remote care programs with no efforts 


Keep providers in the loop

One-click Care Plan approvals and simple communications through your EHR keeps providers in the loop when they need to

Comprehensive reporting

Detailed documentation, audit trails and recording of all patient communications are securely stored so you never have to worry about activities done for patients at any given time

Real-time access

All of your providers, clinical and administrative staff have real time access to our dashboard to review patients' latest information and take action if needed

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Fits in your workflow.

Medsien’s platform provides a deep integration with your EHR for a bi-directional transfer of data that bring simplicity to your implementation

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The perfect balance of doing it in house vs outsourcing it completely.

Fully Outsourced

In House

Revenue Potential​

Higher Enrollment rate

Lower Bottom Line to due high revenue share percentage

Lower Bottom Line due to high cost


Intelligent Tracking by our software

Audit trail of all interactions and phone calls with patients

No Provider Involvement

Claim processing with no patient contact

Manual tracking of time - documentation and reporting

Administrative Burden

Minimal Efforts

Integrated with your EHR. Fits in your workflow

Lots of manual work for refills, referrals, etc.

Time Consuming for your providers and staff

Get started in days rather than months.

Simple integration

No upfront investment

Easily accessible training seminars

Dedicated customer support team

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