What is A Medsien Medical Assistant


Medical Assistants (MAs) are an essential part of successful care management. At Medsien the two things that make our remote care programs so successful are our unique proprietary software and our staffing model. The staffing model is our staff of highly qualified and compassionate Care Partners. We have our own team of Medsien Care Partners that we assign to staff your specific practice’s patients – taking any staffing burden off the practice itself, but also ensuring a seamless continuity of care for patients and providers by providing a team of excellent MAs assigned specifically to each of your patients. Our model (our team) provides a high quality, continuous medical and personal experience for your practice and your patients. What Care Partners do, and who they are, is so important to what Medsien does. 


Care Partners at Medsien enroll, support and manage the care management component of your care management eligible patients. Each patient has a dedicated Care Partner, so every month (and more often if needed), the same Care Partner will contact your patient to check in on how they are doing, monitor their health status, and conduct all aspects of a CCM, RPM, etc. appointment. The Care Partner is the patient’s go to for questions, care management and serves as the patient’s liaison to the practice. Strong relationships are built over time, strengthening compliance and the quality of care patients receive, their health outcomes and patient satisfaction.  


The majority of our staff has worked for at least 15 years – most or all of their careers – in health care practices and settings. They have worked as medical assistants for many of these years, have clinical training and certification, and many have had other roles within medical practices as well, like clinic or practice management, coding experience and other clinical training.



The Unique and Important Role of the Care Partner at Medsien 


Our Care Partners are unique in that they become an integrated member of the patients ongoing care team, so they support your practice, adding an essential benefit without adding any burden to your clinical or administrative team. And, most importantly, they develop on-going relationships with the patients. This creates a cycle of trust, improved outcomes, and patients better managing their chronic conditions and health status; leading to increased patient satisfaction and improved health outcomes.  


At Medsien, our clinical staff and our patients are the heart of who we are and what we do. Our clinical team is top notch – they’re experienced clinical providers, kind hearted souls, super organized administrators and the link between you and your patients. Our Care Partners care deeply about their patients and say the best thing about their work is the relationships they develop. They know the strong relationships lead to buy-in and better, more effective care and improved health outcomes. They are energized and deeply impacted by the caring relationships they develop as well.   



Our Care Partners are Committed


Join us in the new year as we launch  “Medsien Spotlight” – a new part of our blog introducing some of the people at Medsien. We’re excited to introduce our amazing staff, and to have the opportunity to showcase and highlight some of the folks that make our programs work. This blog gives us a chance to not only highlight what Care Partners do, but also who they are and how important they are to what Medsien does. The goal is to highlight their skills, but also highlight the personal connections and who they are as people, what’s unique about the role and a bit about the relationships that form with patients over time.  


Years of Clinical Experience 


Our Care Partners are very seasoned and very knowledgeable. Bringing years of medical experience and expertise to your patients, our Care Partners provide excellent, high quality care, and can often help patients to the right providers because of the vast range of their clinical backgrounds. They are trusted and valued, and patients know they can rely on them.


Connection – Strong and Important Relationships


Every Care Partner spoke about how much they love the relationships they’ve developed with their patients over time. They all say that this is the most important, favorite part of their job. Patients call them when they have questions, they catch up about family and life, they can “be there for some of them on their darker days” and be someone for them to talk to – which is all so important and meaningful to our staff.  


They all enjoy working remotely as well. They love the flexibility and being able to use their clinical expertise in a in a more casual, personal setting. Many have adult children and love that they can be available to their kids and grandkids, or be able to pick up and move closer to family members, and still have this meaningful, important work. However, while they value the flexibility the work provides, they all love and value most the relationships they develop with their patients. They love that they can help the patients with their care, but also to be there for them and to develop close bonds and support. The flexibility combined with the relationships makes it a perfect job for many of them.  


It’s Medsien Care Partners and patients that make Medsien work. We look forward to sharing their stories! Look for Medsien Spotlights…


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