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Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring services can help connect the dots so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Managing your health can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be

We are your personal care management team working directly with your doctor’s office


We are here to help you manage your health, answer your questions or concerns, and help you live a better life.


We can help you with your medication refills, assist you with transportation, make appointments with your doctors or specialists, and help you with your local community resources so you don’t have to worry about them.

Do you have Medicare and live with chronic conditions?

Then you can enroll for the Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring which is covered by Medicare and other insurance plans. You will be matched with one of our dedicated Care Partners who work under the supervision of your doctor and will communicate with you throughout the month with any of your health needs. Some of the benefits of the Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring programs include:

Dedicated Access

You can contact your dedicated Care Partner directly via phone, text or the Loop app to get help on any of your health needs or questions

Healthcare Needs

Get your appointments scheduled or help with finding the best specialist in your area


Get your medications refilled on time with a simple call or message


Assistance with transportation to your next appointment if needed

No cost for most patients.


CCM and RPM services are covered by Medicare and most secondary insurances. That means if you have Medicare, and a secondary (or supplement) plan, you can enroll at no cost.

Get personalized attention from a Care Partner monthly, conveniently via a phone call or text message

Identify potential issues earlier and enable your doctor to respond more quickly

Easily let your doctor know about health changes, refills needed, or appointments you’d like to schedule

Receive a personalized care plan tailored to your chronic conditions and medical history

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chronic Care Management?

Chronic care management (CCM) is a Medicare Part B benefit for patients with two or more chronic conditions delivered under the supervision of a physician or non-physician provider (i.e., nurse practitioner or physician assistant). The goal of the program is to help you manage your health with the help health experts in between your doctor visits.

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is delivered to patients who need to monitor their vitals more closely. As for part of the RPM program, you will receive a cellular connected device (Blood Pressure cuff, Glucometer, Scale, Pulse Oximeter, etc.) that you can use at home. Your readings will be securely shared with your provider for them to keep a closer eye on your health.

Who is Medsien?

Medsien is a care management company that works directly with your doctor's office to help you with your health needs and make sure your receive the best care in between your visits.

Why should I enroll?

Managing your health can be overwhelming, specially with multiple chronic conditions and many medications. The Chronic Care Management program is designed to help you stay on top of that with the help of medical experts and your own doctors.

Why can't I just call my doctor directly?

You certainly can. However, doctors have limited resources and many patients to manage. That means higher every time you contact your doctor directly, your healthcare cost can continue to go higher. In addition to that, it might not be easy to speak to your doctor or nurses frequently. With the CCM program, you get access to a dedicated wellness coordinator that can take care of all your needs, without you having to wait on hold to speak with your doctor.

How much does it cost?

CCM & RPM services are covered by Medicare, commercial plans and most secondary insurances. That means if you have Medicare or a commercial primary plan, and a secondary (or supplement) plan, you can enroll at no cost.
If you don't have a secondary insurance, you might have to pay a copay. You can contact your insurance or doctor's office to make sure you will not have a copay.

How do I enroll?

You can enroll by calling your doctors office or our Care Partners.
You will be asked to provide a verbal consent before joining the program

Can I stop the service?

Yes. You can stop the service at any time simply by contacting us or your doctor's office. There are no long term commitments so you can cancel at any given time.

What if my doctor doesn't offer the serivce?

Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring are relatively new programs. Many doctors are still not offering the service. If your doctor does not offer the CCM program, you can contact us and we will reach out to your doctor

Ask your doctor about

Chronic Care Management & Remote Patient Monitoring