How Medsien Makes Remote Care Programs Easy to Implement


You are busy, and do not have the staff or time to implement a care management program. Your practice can’t invest the money for care management right now. We understand that. Medsien care management programs are different. We take care of implementing and staffing your care management programs, and require no upfront investment. We help you have care management and all its benefits for your patients and your practice, with none of the burdens.


Medsien is Different 


Care management programs can be very important for increasing patient outcomes and adding revenue to a practice. However, identifying and enrolling patients, and then managing those patients through the practice requires a tremendous amount of time, staffing, and financial resources.  


A key and important differentiation between Medsien and other care management programs, is the ease and efficiency of implementation. Many practices are reticent to even hear about care management programs thinking they take tremendous time and resources to implement and maintain. Many do, but Medsien is different. We make the implementation process so easy, there is no burden, only the benefit to you and your patients. 


Medsien Makes it Easy – Get Started in Days Rather Than Months


Medsien can provide a 100% turnkey solution for Chronic Care Management (CCM) & Remote Patient Management (RPM) programs, and manages all aspects of the program for you with no upfront cost or administrative burden.  We realize you have neither the time nor the staff or resources to take on another facet of care management. We take the burden off practices and provide a ready to go, top of the line solution to help you have robust, successful remote care programs. Implementation requires no time or any investment from our customers. And all aspects of the program administration are managed by Medsien – so there are no staffing issues for you, no additional time required to implement and manage the program, and nothing to add to the already busy day of your medical staff.  


How Do We Do This?


We can get you started in days, rather than months.  Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration makes the process very easy. Using our sophisticated software, we integrate immediately with your EHR, and your practice – allowing us to quickly identify eligible patients, and to understand the different out of pocket costs for each patient and how that will impact care management for the practice. 


We staff these programs. Using our highly specialized system integration software, our Medsien enrollment specialists then take care of eligible patient enrollment, consent, and get everyone on board very quickly. We help you introduce the program to patients so they are fully aware and on board with the CCM and RPM programs. Patients are then assigned to one of our dedicated medical assistants, who provide the care management services for your practice – taking any added burden of care off of your clinical team. Our medical assistants make sure to communicate anything important right away to your clinical staff directly and send it to your EHR.


RPM Devices: 

If the patient requires remote patient monitoring devices, we take care of that too.  Our dedicated medical assistants will supply, send and then train patients on how to use their devices correctly. And our systems will track the data so care is closely managed. Learn more about our RPM programs.


The only step required of your staff is for the administrative team to briefly work with us on the implementation call which we help organize so it’s easy for you. We take care of everything else.  


Finally, we work with your practice’s revenue cycle management (RCM) and billing processes – so that at the end of every month, Medsien creates and drops the claims for reimbursement. We receive payment for our care management services only after you are reimbursed.






Partner With Medsien & Get All of the Benefits (of Care Management Programs?) with None of the Burden  

Medsien creates highly sophisticated, turnkey successful care management programs.  Our clients and their patients experience all the benefits of care management without any of the burdens.  


Working with Medsien requires:


No time  – You can be live in 5 days.  Medsien gets you started in days, rather than months.

No upfront investment – There are no cash flow or investment issues. 

No cash flow concerns – You’ll see increased revenue after receiving reimbursement for care management and remote patient monitoring services, and we are only paid after you’ve collected your reimbursement for the program.  

No staffing or time to manage – Your staff can keep providing medical care, and not worry about implementation, administration, or management of the program. Medsien does all of this.  



To talk with us about setting up a care management program for your practice, contact [email protected]. To learn more, visit

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