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During these challenging COVID-19 times for patients, providers and practices — it’s obvious that what used to be “normal” patient care protocol is now being replaced by something completely different.  Both patients and providers are looking for new ways to stay connected with each other and in-the-loop when the traditional in-person visit options are not possible and when faced with the pervading uncertainty of when the return-to-normal will occur.


Along with implementing tele-health initiatives in this environment, many practices are also realizing that starting Chronic Care Management programs can also provide significant quality-of-care value at this critical time.

Benefits of Chronic Care Management include:

Medsien has helped numerous practices implement CCM programs during this challenging time — and notably with no additional administrative work for the practices.  

Implementing a CCM program can secure a valuable new revenue stream for the practice during a time when in-person billing revenue has dropped significantly

Patients enrolled in CCM programs feel more connected to their provider and a change in their health conditions is identified earlier when in-person visits aren’t feasible.

CCM can provide another valuable touch point — one of many modes of communication to serve patients without seeing them in the office.  A monthly quick check-in over the phone can provide a quick indicator to spot a future problem.

Perhaps most importantly, enrollment in a CCM program strengthens the relationship between the patient and the practice which improves patient satisfaction and quality of patient care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

To get started, all you need to do is to sign a simple service agreement and a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), and give consent to Medsien to access your EHR. After that, Medsien's software and team of Certified Medical Assistants will go to work to implement a CCM solution for your practice in less than a week.

Do we need to physically see patients?

No. Chronic Care Management is a non-face-to-face program offered to Medicare beneficiaries with 2 or more chronic conditions

How can we determine patients' eligibility?

Medsien can determine your patients' eligibility for CCM. To be eligible patients must have been physically seen in the past 12 months and have 2 or more chronic conditions

How do patients give consent?

Since 2017, CMS has changed its guidelines to allow for verbal consents to be taken from your patients. Medsien contacts your patients and gets their consent on a recorded line on your behalf

How does the onboarding and training work?

The entire onboarding and training process done remotely via our simple training portal and help center

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