Chronic Care Management Simplified.

Medsien partners with you to rapidly implement a successful Chronic Care Management in your organization which allows you to provide ongoing remote care services to your patients and generate a monthly recurring revenue stream.

Turnkey CCM solution designed for success.

Medsien solution includes its proprietory, integrated software platform, and network of certified medical assistants which provides an opportunity to intelligently increase revenue for practices while simultaneously improving outcomes and reducing costs.

New revenue stream

CCM adds a new revenue stream to your practice by providing these services to your patients. Moreover, we enable you to get reimbursed for the work that your providers or staff already do for patients.

Improve patient satisfaction

Starting the CCM program can improve patient satisfaction as it adds regular check-ins with patients, improves their outcomes and keeps them more engaged with your practice.

Automated billing and reporting

At the end of every month, Medsien automatically creates and drops claims with appropriate codes through your own EHR.

Reduce administrative burden

Having a team of care managers who regularly check-in with your patients, means a lot less work for your providers and staff on typical tasks; refills, appointments, referrals, etc.

Improve Medicare Compliance

Medsien automatically records and stores detailed documentation, audit trails and recordings of all patient communications, so you never have to worry about activities done for patients at any given time.

Scale at your own pace

Medsien's flexible model allows you to scale the CCM program at your own pace. Our staff are ready to engage with your patients and our software is designed to support any scale.

It takes experiences and expertise to ensure success of your CCM program.

We have a very simple implementation process for our CCM solutions and can go live within a week. Our team will manage all the aspects (eligibility, announcements, enrollment, etc.) so this will not take any time from you or your staff.


Medsien intelligently identifies your patients' eligibility based on their chronic conditions and insurance coverage to maximize your practice coverage


Medsien's Enrollment Specialists contact your patients on your behalf and walk them through the enrollment process effortlessly


Every one of your patients will be assigned to a dedicated Certified Medical Assistant to improve engagement and deliver personalized care to your patients

Discover the most advanced technology platform on the market.

Putting it into perspective.

We have perfected the most challenging aspects of CCM to ensure a successful implementation for your practice 


Guaranteed profitability

Additional annual revenue when partnered with Medsien (for 500 enrolled patients)


Reimbursed claims

Average monthly reimbursement rate with our accurate billing and coding 


Patient retention

Other programs lose 25%-50% annually due to inconsistent program management

Schedule a conversation with us for a complimentary calculation of your CCM eligible patients.

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