New year, time for a new approach


It’s time to plan for 2023. Are you ready to introduce seamless, scalable remote care management and  monitoring into your practice? Would you like to deliver highly reliable, efficient and compassionate care while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction at no cost to your practice? Reimagine your remote care management with Medsien’s 2023 checklist of key next steps.


✅ Ensure a quality patient experience using Medsien’s 3 key pillars – reliability, efficiency and compassion

✅ Provide more personal patient care – enhance the human touch

✅ Improve operational efficiency – automate and augment your practice

✅ Lead with compassion – continuous care builds trust and support 

✅ Build a sustainable practice – grow your practice for the long haul

Medsien is the leader in scalable remote care management programs. We can help build a customized, scalable program to meet all of your practice’s remote care management/patient monitoring needs. The 6 components of our scalable remote care management are the foundation for building a high-quality patient experience. Our remote care management/patient monitoring programs help your practice deliver a broader range of high-quality care for patients – improving health outcomes, building stronger provider/patient relationships and increasing patient and provider engagement and satisfaction – with no added burden or cost for your practice. 



Core components of Medsien’s remote care management services


There are 6 core components that make up our remote care management services. We build our programs  – and each component – to ensure that reliability, efficiency and compassion (Our “3 Key Pillars”) are at the core of what we do. 


1. Chronic Care Management (CCM)

2. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) 

3. Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) 

4. Principal Care Management (PCM) 

5. Transitional Care Management (TCM) 

6. Annual Wellness Visits (AWV)


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Remote care management checklist: power up your practice 


Ensure a superior quality patient experience using Medsien’s 3 Key Pillars – reliability, efficiency and compassion


1. Reliability  – we make sure our sophisticated technology and superior staffing model puts your practice in safe hands. This includes safe and secure solutions to protect patient privacy, being fully audit-proof and Medicare-compliant and providing automated, detailed  reporting on all activities and transactions. Reliability ensures transparency, stability and security. 

2. Efficiency – greater efficiency improves the patient experience, increases enrollment  and increases revenue. Medsien programs provide seamless (bi)directional integration of your EHR creating personalized care plans, and allowing for automated eligibility, tracking, reporting and billing (e.g.medication instructions, appointment reminders).

3. Compassion – Medsien’s solutions/technology bring compassionate care to your patients. The right solutions – with the right team – help provide timely, personal care. Our Care Partners are there to support your patients, answer any questions and keep everything on track with their care. 


Integrating Medsien technology with our scalable staffing allows you to delegate the workload with recorded calls and detailed logs, and expand the reach of your practice while decreasing the administrative burden. 


Provide more personal patient care – enhance the human touch (or care beyond the office)


Medsien’s advanced solutions and scalable remote care management programs enhance the patient experience. Through personalization and coordination of care, our systems provide increased efficiency and effectiveness and get patients enhanced and expanded care beyond the office setting.


  • Deepened relationships between patients and providers
  • Increased patient and provider satisfaction
  • Increased patient engagement all lead to  
  • Improved health outcomes


1. Personalization of care  – ensures more support, engagement and better outcomes for patients through individualized care plans and frequent one-on-one connections. 

2. Coordination – our Care Partners help to coordinate patient care between office visits with check-ins, tracking key patient data and providing patient support.


Medsien’s solutions help your practice deliver personalized, more comprehensive care outside of your office.



Improve operational efficiency – automate and augment your practice 


Medsien’s systems improve the operational efficiency of your remote care management program, and provide a better patient experience. Automation and augmentation help your practice provide more personalized care to more patients, and improve operational efficiency and revenue. Medsien’s scalable remote care management systems allow you to augment and adjust your care management programs as needed – with no staffing, training or other administrative burdens. Our solutions help your team through:


  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Effectiveness
  • Increased Engagement
  • Increased Enrollment 
  • Reduced costs and Increased production all lead to 
  • Increased Revenue (and health outcomes)… at no cost and no burden on the staff and practice.  


1. Automation – improves operational efficiency and helps your team personalize patient care. Our services begin with thorough onboarding and include automated tracking, reporting and billing that are fully tracked and logged.

2. Augmentation – By utilizing our hybrid staffing model, we can manage details, increase enrollment and revenue, and make a deeper connection with patients, demonstrating full transparency, commitment, and rapport.


Remote care management is mission-critical for your patient’s health and your practice’s financial health. 


Lead with compassion – continuous care builds trust and support 


Reimagined remote care management lets you lead with compassion and improve patient health outcomes, improve patient satisfaction, engagement and trust – without the administrative burden usually put on a practice to provide such high-touch, personalized care. 


  • Increased trust and engagement
  • Increased patient and provider satisfaction all lead to 
  • Increased health outcomes


1. Connection & Trust – our remote care management solutions help patients and providers develop a personal connection and trust that facilitates building relationships.

2. Relationships – with connection and trust, patients establish deeper relationships with the practice  that leads to greater engagement.

3. Engagement – compassion, connection and trust help patients become more engaged and involved in their health care which improves health outcomes.


Medsien’s remote care management solutions help your practice provide ongoing effective, supportive and compassionate care beyond the office setting. Our scalable programs add staff (dedicated to working specifically with your practice) to help give further focus and attention to patient care and individual needs after they leave the office. More staff and more efficient, effective systems free up the entire clinical care team to remain focused directly on patient care and patient needs. Patients feel the additional support and care when they are home, which helps them take the steps needed and improves outcomes. Providers feel more connected and supported because the expanded care team distributes the care “ burden” while increasing the ability to provide better, more comprehensive care.  


Medsien can be your partner to help expand your services, build scalable remote care monitoring solutions and to provide even more comprehensive, compassionate care.



Build a sustainable practice – grow your practice for the long haul


Medsien’s scalable remote care management solutions help expand the scope of care delivered – increasing productivity and revenue – making your practice more sustainable. 


  • Increased Satisfaction
  • Increased Engagement
  • Improved Outcomes
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Effectiveness
  • Decreased Costs and Higher Yield all lead to 
  • Increased Sustainability


1. Lower costs  – Medsien’s programs save time, labor and opportunity costs.

2. Higher production – Medsien’s programs track eligibility, increase enrollment and engagement – which leads to more patients in your practice using remote care management programs, getting better care and increasing payment.


Our solutions help your practice be more productive, while expanding care and further enhancing the care you already deliver in the office – with no additional burden for your staff, or costs to the practice. Medsien’s scalable remote care management helps you enhance your practice’s offerings, and provide a structure for long-term success and sustainability, while continuing to provide the highest quality reliable, efficient and compassionate care. 


Medsien’s scalable remote care management programs expand and further improve care, improve health outcomes, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your practice. There are many benefits to a unified remote care platform. Our scalable, customizable programs allow us to incorporate components that suit your specific practice needs. The key to growing your business is delivering a quality experience beyond the office, that gives patients a lot of reasons to put their trust in your practice. We can help you do that. Let Medsien be your partner in providing the best scalable remote care management for your patients and your practice.  Let us help you reimagine what’s possible. 



Why Medsien


Medsien is the leading provider of scalable remote care management for a quality patient experience. Hundreds of organizations trust Medsien’s unparalleled technology solutions to implement exceptional remote care management programs, personalize every interaction, and improve the lives of the people who need it most. Visit for more information. 

Use our Checklist: 



Ensure a quality patient experience using Medsien’s 3 key pillars: 






Provide more personal patient care – enhance the human touch





Improve operational efficiency – automate and augment your practice





Lead with compassion – continuous care builds trust and support 


Connection & Trust 




Build a sustainable practice – grow your practice for the long haul


Lower Costs 

Increased Productivity

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